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Habitica; an RPG to-do list

Habitica; an RPG to-do list

Hey friends!

This week, I have been experimenting with an app called Habitica, a free online tool for improving your habits. As promised, here's some feedback about it.

What is Habitica?

Habitica is a habit tracker app which treats your goals like an RPG (Role Paying Game). Level up as you succeed, lose health points as you fail and earn money to buy weapons and armor.

What I like about it

  • How it splits tasks into habits, dailies and to-dos
  • The fact you can choose between in-game (buying new 'equipment') and real-life (for example, play video games for half and hour) rewards
  • How it uses 'gamification' to encourage you to do your tasks. (If you want to learn more about gamification, you can read last weeks newsletter)
  • How your pixel-art character improves as you complete your tasks
  • The party feature; an invite-only group of 'Habiticans' with whom you can chat and do quests together.

The only downside for me is the current integration between Obsidian (the note-taking app I use for everything) and Habitica isn't that great. This probably won't be an issue for too long though, as there are developers currently working on it.

Find out more about how to use Habitica

Having done my own 7 day experiment, I will definitely use Habitica to keep myself organized going forward. I'd highly recommend giving it a go.

Thanks for reading!

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Just a very calming lofi track. Definitely earned its place in my playlist.

Quote of the week

"Many people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity." - James Clear, Atomic Habits

Have a great week!
Cheers, Toby