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Gamifying your life

Gamifying your life
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Hey friends!

This week, I've been experimenting with 'gamifying' my life! What is 'gamifying your life'? It's basically taking the concepts which make video games fun and engaging (such as clear rewards for actions and 'simple wins') and applying those to your life. Let me explain.

  1. Clear rewards for actions.

Treat your goals like a list of quests in a video game.

  • Define your goal (can be any goal)
  • Outline the steps you need to take to achieve that goal
  • This is the most important step! Clearly define what reward you will get for achieving your goal. (This could be a sleep in tomorrow, shouting yourself a drink this afternoon or whatever). Now your brain is able to understand what's really at stake.

Write this process down for maximum effectiveness 👍.

  1. 'Simple wins'

Make it easier to achieve your goals.

  • Break each one down into small daily actions which will compound, over time, to get you there with minimal effort
  • Each time you achieve today's action, you are getting a small win 🎉!

This is 'gamifying your life'.

I am currently testing out Habitica, an online tool for achieving your goals (and getting simple wins) by improving your habits. In next week's newsletter, I will share my experience of using it.

Thanks for reading!

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Quote of the week

"Your identity is not set in stone. You have a choice in every moment. You can choose the identity you want to reinforce today with the habits you choose today." - James Clear, Atomic Habits

Have a great week!
Cheers, Toby